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Domestic Heat Pump (Water Heater)

We Company is an experienced domestic heat pump, water heater manufacturer located in China. Our water heater has reliable performance, as a result of the adoption of some superior quality parts, such as Copeland's compressor, Emerson's expansion valve, Wolverine's heat exchanger, etc. It is widely used in households, villas or apartments.

Domestic Heat Pump, Water Heater (with Coil Pipe in Water Tank)

1. Our domestic heat pump, water heater adopts self-developed water-electricity separation technology, so it won't cause electric shock and is safe to use.
2. It is equipped with Japanese Panasonic or American Copeland compressor. Hence, it runs smoothly and quietly.
3. We provide 304# stainless steel or powder coated pressurized water tank for you to choose from. The tank volume could be 100, 150, 200 or 320L.

4. The water tank (indoor unit) can be installed on the wall or placed on the balcony, so as to achieve a good thermal insulation effect.
5. High quality heat exchanger against acid and corrosion is adopted.
6. Its heating capacity is ranging from 3.71kw to 5.58kw, so it is suitable for small families with 3-5 persons.
7. The domestic heat pump, water heater is intelligent and easy to operate. Users can remotely control it through LCD screen digital controller.
8. Equipped with an automatic pressure unloading protection device, our water heater can automatically adjust the water pressure (0.6Mpa-0.9Mpa).
9. It has auto defrost function, so it can work at low ambient temperature.
10. Its COP is above 4. Thus, it can save 60%~80% of operation cost, compared with traditional hot water facilities.
11. It is easy to install and maintain.
12. Our domestic heat pump, water heater comes with one year guarantee.

Technical Parameters of Domestic Heat Pump, Water Heater

Model   KF80-A/100F KF80-A/150F KF120-A/100F KF120-A/200F KF120-A/320F
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 208~230V/1PH/50Hz
Heating capacity KW 3.71 3.71 4.95 4.94 4.93
Btu/h 12658.52 12658.52 16889.4 16855.28 16821.16
Rated power input KW 0.9 0.9 1.25 1.25 1.25
COP   4.12 4.12 3.96 3.95 3.94
Water feed speed L/h 80~100 80~100 120~150 120~150 120~150
Rated outlet water temperature 55
Max outlet water temperature 60
Ambient temperature (-15℃~+43℃)
Compressor   Rotary×1
Fan discharging   Horizontal
Refrigerant   R22/R407c/R410a
Level against electric shock   I I I I I
Water proof grade   IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
Pressured water tank capacity L 100 150 100 200 320
Water tank dimension mm 470/1121 470/1592 470/1121 555/1333 555/1839
Tank shipping dimension   560/540/1100 560/540/1600 560/540/1100 650/630/1420 794/774/1235
Heat pump dimension mm 850/260/540
Heat pump shipping dimension mm 930/360/610
Test condition Heating: Ambient temp. (DB/WB): 20 ℃/15℃, water temp. (Initial/Final): 15℃/55℃.
The above data is just for reference.

In addition to domestic heat pump, water heater, we also supply commercial heat pump, solar water heater and SPA heat pump. If you are in need of them, please do contact us. Our attentive customer service staff looks forward to working with you.

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