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Low Temperature EVI Heat Pump (Commercial, Domestic Series)
EVI heat pump for household use
EVI heat pump for commercial use

Low Temperature EVI Heat Pump (Commercial, Domestic Series)

We low temperature EVI heat pump is designed to use in low temperature conditions. Most air source heat pumps cannot work normally when the ambient temperature is below zero, due to the system’s low evaporation temperature, small gas absorption, small gas flow, and more. But this EVI heat pump can be used in extreme low temperatures without compromising on its reliable performance.

Designed based on advanced low temperature Enhanced Vapor Injection compressor technology, the EVI heat pump delivers higher heating capacity at low evaporation temperature. So, it can better responds to users’ heating requirement, as compared with conventional air source heat pumps. It also results in less supplementary heating to cover the full heating demand on the coldest days. Additionally, the heat pump is optimized, allowing itself to produce water with temperature up to 60℃ during cold winter time. Furthermore, the EVI compressor is designed with an additional port to inject vapor in the compression process. This improves the performance of the heat pump by increasing the heating capacity for a given compressor displacement.

Why choose it?
1. Strong low temperature heating capacity
EVI air to water heat pump is specially designed for house heating in cold area. It works normally in ambient temperature ranging from -25℃ to 43℃. It can work safely in -20℃, unlike conventional heat pumps which cannot work efficiently at -5℃.
Its strong low temperature heating capacity results from:
(1) EVI technology increases the refrigerant flow of the main loop and outside evaporation enthalpy difference, which brings 7% to 34% additional heating.
(2) With the help of the secondary compressor, the EVI heat pump provides sufficient flow of refrigerant in low-temperature environment. So, the heat pump is useful even if the outdoor temperature is as low as -20DC and there is no obvious thermal decay problem.
2. Low cost in long run
Conventional heat pumps are well received on the market, and the prices are competitive. EVI heat pump costs more than traditional heat pump, but it brings you more benefits on the base of total cost as it eliminates the initial investment for central heating device and the operating cost is extremely low. So, in the long run, the EVI device is much more economical.

1. Heating Capacity ranges from 11.16 to 36.3.1kW, and output hot water temperature ranges from 30℃ to 60℃. The heat pump is suitable for central heating and sanitary hot water heating.
2. Emerson expansion valve keeps the system's pressure in balance. Four-way valve, and Japanese Panasonic or America Copeland compressor is adopted.
3. Compact design allows it to occupy less space and makes it much easier for installation.
4. Thermal insulation for all pipes ensures low heat loss.
5. High efficiency auto defrosting with revert circuit.
6. The drainage hole can discharge condensed water fluently.
7. Quiet fans ensure low noise.
8. The wire controller is installed indoor, which is convenient for users.
9. R22 / R417A Refrigerant are available.
10. The 304# stainless steel cabinet comes with good anti-corrosion performance and durability, offering more than 10 years’ service life.
11. The low temperature EVI heat pump comes with 18 months warranty period.

Model   KF240-B KF400-B
Power supply V/PH/Hz 208~230V/1PH/50Hz 380~400V/3PH/50Hz
Heating capacity kW 11.16 19.1
BTU/h 38078 65169
Rated power input kW 2.5 4.5
COP   4.46 4.24
Water feed speed L/h 240~300 400~500
Rated outlet water temp. 55 55
Max outlet water temp 65 65
Compressor type   Scroll×1 Scroll×1
Fan discharging   Horizontal Horizontal
Ambient temperature (-25℃~+43℃) (-25℃~+43℃)
Refrigerant   R417A R417A
Level against electric shock   I I
Water proof grade   IPX4 IPX4
Water connection inch DN25 DN25
Suggested water tank capacity L 300-500 500
Dimension(Fan Side) mm 800/400/1260 1110/530/1260
Net weight kg 110 155
Cabinet   Stainless steel Stainless steel
Test condition   Heating: Ambient temp.(DB/WB): 20 ℃/15℃, water temp.(Initial/Final): 15℃/55℃.
The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Model EVI Series   KFRS-10I KFRS-20II KFRS-35II
Power supply V/ph/Hz 220~240V/1PH/50Hz 380V/3PH/ 50Hz
Heating capacity kW 11.2 18 36.3
Energy Btu/h 38214.4 61416 123855.6
Rated power input kW 2.4 3.9 7.8
COP   4.67 4.62 4.65
Water feed speed L/h 241 387 780
Refrigerant   R22/R417a
Max outlet water temp 65 65 65
Ambient Temperature (-25~+43℃)
Compressor   Scroll*1 Scroll*1 Scroll*2
Level against electric shock   I I I
Water-proof grade   IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
Water connection inch DN25 DN25 DN40
Required water flow rate m3/h 1.93 3.1 6.24
Cycle hot water pressure kPa 30 60 65
Noise dB(A) ≤59 ≤62 ≤63
Dimension mm 710/710/795 810/810/995 1450/705/1375
Net weight kg 107 129 295
Cabinet   Steel with powder coated/ stainless steel optional
Test condition   Heating: Ambient temp.(DB/WB): 20 ℃/15℃, water temp.(Initial/Final): 15℃/55℃.
The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

We is a China based manufacturer of low temperature EVI heat pump for either home use or commercial use. In addition, we can also offer swimming pool heat pump, domestic water heater and solar water heat, etc. which are certified by CE and SAA, etc. If you have any related need, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to doing business with you.

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