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Commercial Heat Pump (Direct Heating)

Commercial Heat Pump (Direct Heating)

Our commercial heat pump for direct heating can heat water to the preset temperature value (usually 55-60℃) in a short period of time. It finds wide applications in such places such as offices, workshops, super markets, hospitals, beauty salons, dormitories, hotels, factories, militaries, villas, villages, and more.

Our commercial heat pump is designed with a V-shaped evaporator. This kind of evaporator can increase condenser space in air flow direction and thus results in a big air volume. This design also helps to easily drain out the defrosting water. The commercial heat pump is easy to install, and it only needs to be connected with water pipe. It uses electricity as its driving force and can be connected with existing water system.

1. Our commercial heat pump for direct heating is installed with Copeland scroll compressor and eco-friendly R407C, R410A or R22 refrigerants, which helps to get a good performance in low temperature.
2. Its heating capacity is ranging from 11.2~87.4 KW, and its highest outlet water temperature is 60℃.
3. Emerson ALCO expansion valve is used to make our commercial heat pump have accurate and stable throttling function.
4. It adopts efficient coaxial coil tube-in-shell heat exchanger imported from America. So it has low fouling and low maintenance cost.
5. Powder coated cabinet is equipped.
6. Its COP is above 4.5. Thus, it can save 60%~80% of operation cost, compared with traditional oil boiler, gas boiler, boiler, electric water heater, etc.
7. The bolts and nuts are used.
8. Our commercial heat pump has a durable and rustproof coating.
9. The fan is designed well, with same distance between the fan blades and the fan shroud edge. This greatly reduces its vibration and running noise.
10. Our commercial heat pump for direct heating has special modular system design. Its big units are designed with two free standing systems. Each system is used as a single module, and it has a separate compressor and can start and work independently.
11. All its units come with a one-year guarantee.

Technical Parameters of Commercial Heat Pump (Direct Heating)

Power supply V/ph/Hz 220~240V/
380V/3PH/ 50Hz
Heating capacity kW 11.2 18 36.3 43.7 54.4 69.8 87.4
  Btu/h 38214.4 61416 123855.6 149104.4 185612.8 238157.6 298208.8
Rated power input kW 2.4 3.9 7.8 9.45 11.6 15.23 18.85
COP   4.67 4.62 4.65 4.62 4.69 4.58 4.64
Water feed speed L/h 241 387 780 939 1169 1500 1879
Water replenishment pressure kPa ≥250
Refrigerant   R22/R407c/R410a
Rated outlet water-temp 55 55 55 55 55 55 55
Max. outlet water temp 60 60 60 60 60 60 60
Power supply V/ph/Hz 220V/1PH/50Hz 380V/3PH/ 50Hz
Ambient temperature (—15℃~+43℃)
Fan type   Low noise axial fan
compressor   Scroll*1 Scroll*1 Scroll*2 Scroll*2 Scroll*4 Scroll*4 Scroll*4
Level against electric shock   I I I I I I I
Water-proof grade   IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
Water connection inch DN25 DN25 DN40 DN50 DN50 DN65 DN65
Required water flow rate m3/h 1.93 3.1 6.24 7.51 9.35 12 15.03
Cycle hot water pressure kPa 30 60 65 65 70 65 70
Noise dB(A) ≤59 ≤62 ≤63 ≤63 ≤66 ≤68 ≤68
Dimension mm 710/710
Net weight kg 107 129 295 305 380 640 750
Cabinet   Stainless steel and powder coated optional
Test condition   Heating: ambient temp. (DB/WB): 20 ℃/15℃, water temp. (initial/final): 15℃/55℃.
Note: the above data is just for reference.

In addition to commercial heat pump, we also provide you with solar water heater, swimming pool heat pump, high temperature heat pump, and more. These products are CE and SAA certified. Hence, you can trust their quality.
Located in Dongguan City, we have air, land and water transport facilities at our disposal. Our convenient transportation helps to lower the freight cost for our customers, worldwide.
So, if you are interested in our products, please do contact us without hesitation. We are fully confident that we can serve whatever needs you may have.

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