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All in One Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump

All in One Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump

This domestic hot water heat pump provides us an economical water heating system for domestic use. Using free renewable energy coming from the air, the heating system is highly efficient with low running costs. Its efficiency is up to 3~4 times higher than that of conventional gas boiler or electrical heater.

Efficient heat recovery
This all in one domestic hot water heat pumps can be installed outside the kitchen, around the fireplace or in the garage. This provides the device with easy access to more heat energy. Hence, the unit offers high heating efficiency even in low ambient temperature conditions, like winters.

Hot water and dehumidification
Our heat pump can be placed in the laundry room or clothing room. When it produces hot water, it also lowers the ambient temperature and dehumidifies the room as well. The advantages can be shown particularly in the humidity season.

Hot water and storage room cooling
Also, when the domestic hot water heat pump is installed in storerooms for keeping drinks, fruits and food, etc., it assists in lowering the room temperature. This makes it helpful for keeping the foodstuff fresh.
A multipurpose heat pump makes perfect effects.

Compatible with different energy source
This home-use hot water heat pump can work with solar panel, external heat pump, boiler or other different energy sources. This makes it easy for use.

Technical specification (R410A)

Item\Type KFNT-200DF KFNT-250DF KFNT-300DF
Heating capacity(KW) 3.5 3.5 3.5
(Btu) 11950 11950 11950
Input power(KW/h) 0.98 0.98 0.98
COP 3.58 3.58 3.58
Power supply 220V~250V/50Hz
Refrigerant R410a
Water heating speed (from 15℃ to 55 ℃) (L/H) 75L/H 75L/H 75L/H
Tank volume 200L 250L 300L
Noise level dB (A) 47 47 47
Compressor Type Rotary
Controller Chico
Electrical Heater(kW) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Ambient temp. -10~45℃ -10~45℃ -10~45℃
Net Size (mm) 560*560*1725 560*560*1975 640*640*1820
Packing size (mm):L×W×H 630*630*1845 630*630*2095 710*710*1940
Weight(kg):G.W/N.W 80/92 88/101 95/109
Loading quantity (20" container) 27 27 24
Test Condition: Dry bulb 20℃, wet bulb 15℃, water input temp. 15℃, water output 55℃

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