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Flat Plate Solar Water Heater

    1. Flat Plate Solar Water Heater, Balcony StyleBest choice for high rise residence, as the water heater can be installed on balcony.
      Pressurized water tank with function of heat exchange, bi-circulation system, anti freezing.
      Automatically control electrical heating system can help prevent dryout.
    1. Solar Water Heater, Split StyleThis solar water heater comes with high insulation density, and good warm keeping performance.
      Its pressurized running system enables water to run abundantly.
      This automatically controlled solar water heater is convenient for daily use. ...
    1. NT-SST (Compact Style) Flat Plate Solar Water HeaterOur flat plate solar water heater is anti-freezing, so it can be used in high latitude places.
      It has good heat insulation, due to its highly transmitting tempered glass and the adoption of the foam insulation technique ...
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