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Solar Water Heater, Split Style

Solar Water Heater, Split Style

1. Split structure, smooth circulation, high heating efficiency
2. This solar water heater comes with high insulation density, and good warm keeping performance.
3. Its pressurized running system enables water to run abundantly.
4. This automatically controlled solar water heater is convenient for daily use.

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Specification of flat plate solar water heater, balcony style

Model No NT-SZJ-300 NT-SZJ-400 NT-SZJ-500
Water Tank Capacity 300L pressurized 400L pressurized 500L pressurized
Outer tank Material Stainless steel with milk color
Inner tank Material Stainless steel
Insulation Material 45mm-50mm polyurethane 45mm-50mm polyurethane 45mm-50mm polyurethane
Solar Collector Model No. 2PCS*NT-PTZ76-2.0 2PCS*NT-PTZ76-2.0 3PCS*NT-PTZ95-2.37
Collector Absorber Area(m2) 4.00 6.00 7.11
Collector Dimension 2000×1000×76mm×2pcs 2000×1000×76mm×3pcs 2150×1100×95mm×3pcs
Working Station Main Parts temperature meter, pressure meter, flow meter, controller, water pump, expansion vessel
Max. working pressure 15bar 15bar 15bar
Mounting Bracket/material alum. Alloy/galvanized steel alum. Alloy/galvanized steel alum. Alloy/galvanized steel

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