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Flat Plate Solar Collector

Flat Plate Solar Collector

1. Blue sputtering coating imported from Germany provides the solar collector with higher efficiency.
2. Special anodized aluminum alloy frame to ensure aesthetic appearance and can accept high pressure without leakage.
3. 50mm fiberglass insulation and EPDM seal strip enable the solar collector to work under harsh and very cold temperature.
4. Low-iron tempered glass in 4mm thickness is not easy broken and characterized by high transmission and low emission, thus guaranteeing solar energy yields.
5. Operation Temperature ranges from -33℃ to 120℃.
6. Our solar collector has passed EN12975 -1,2 test.
7. Solar Keymark Certificate.

Specification of flat plate solar collector, NT3.0-D

Description Specification
Model No NT3.0-D
Collector type Glazed collector
Dimension L*W*T 2000mm*1000mm*95mm
Gross area 2.01m2
Aperture area 1.82m2
Absorber area 1.73m2
Net weight 39kg
Number of cover 1
Dimension of opening 1970mm*970mm
Cover (optional) A. 4mm Pattern Tempered Glass
B. 3.2mm Low-iron Pattern Tempered Glass
Cover transmission 87% - 92%
Absorber dimension 1840mm*950mm
Absorber material Red copper
Surface treatment Magnetic blue sputtering coating
Construction type Fin & Tube (Ultrasonic welding)
Header Φ22mm*0.6mm, 2pcs, Copper TP2
Riser Φ10mm*0.5mm, 8pcs, Copper TP2
Insulation Back: 50mm fiber glass insulation (black backing)
Frame Aluminum alloy
Frame color (optional) A. Silver / B. Black
Back plate δ0.27mm galvanized steel plate
Sealing gasket EPDM
20' container 130pcs
40' container 277pcs

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