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Flat Plate Solar Collector

Flat Plate Solar Collector

1. Our solar collector provides you a low cost and economical solution for various projects.
2. Easy to assemble and install
3. Anodic Oxidation coating
4. 4mm thick texture tempered glass
5. High and stable efficiency solar collector can be installed on the roof to capture the sun to heat the water.
6. To be used under temperate condition

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Specification of flat plate solar collector, NT-PTY 95-2.0

Description Specification
Model No. NT-PTY95-2.0
Dimension L×W×T (mm) 2000×1000×95
Gross Area(m2) 2
Effective Absorption Area(m2) 1.73
Net Weight(kg) 35
Cover size 1970×970×4mm
Cover Material 4mm thickness texture tempered glass
Absorber Material Aluminum
Absorber Coating Anodic Oxidation
Welded Type tube & Fin
Copper Riser Tubes Spec. & Qty(mm) Ф10 * δ0.45 , 8pcs,
Copper Header Tubes Spec. & Qty(mm) Ф22* δ0.6 , 2pcs,
Insulation Material 50 mm fiber glass
Frame Anodized aluminum alloy frame, black/silver/brown color
Sealing Gasket EPDM
Backing Sheet 0.27mm thick Galvanized Steel
20' Container 130pcs
40'Container 277pc

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