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Flat Plate Solar Collector

Flat Plate Solar Collector

1. Coated with blue sputtering coating with absorption rate over 95%, our solar collector features high heating efficiency and low heating loss.
2. Frame and back plate are integrated, making it good in sealing performance and attractive in appearance.
3. The whole absorber is laser welded, and installation and water proof slot are available, which makes the solar collector easy for building integration.
4. Water proof, moist insulation, corrosion resisting, high pressure, long life-span, and free maintenance.

Specifications of flat plate solar collector, NT3.0-F

Description Specification
Model No NT-3.0 F
Dimension L×W×T (mm) 2400×1250×95
Gross Area(m2) 3
Aperture Area 2.8
Effective Absorption Area(m2) 2.77
Net Weight(kg) 58
Absorber Material Aluminum
Absorber Coating Blue Sputtering Coating
Copper Absorber Fin Spec. & Qty(mm) One sheet
Welded Type Laser Welding
Copper Riser Tubes Spec. & Qty(mm) Ф10 * δ0.5 , 10pcs
Copper Header Tubes Spec. & Qty(mm) Ф22* δ0.6 , 2pcs
Insulation Material 50 mm fiber glass
Frame Anodized aluminum alloy frame
Frame Color black/silver color
Number of Covers 1
Cover Material 3.2 mm Low-iron texture tempered glass
Cover Transmission 91%
Backing Plate Galvanized Steel, 0.27mm thickness
Sealing Gasket EPDM
Standard packing Four corners and connection pipes are protected by foam and cardboard carton

As a solar collector manufacturer based in China, we are provided with low cost labors and land. We also have convenient transportation by sea, land and air. In addition, we also make substantial efforts to control product quality. So, we are able to provide you high quality products at competitive prices.
If you have any need, whether that is on solar collector, or solar water heater and heat pump, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to serve you.

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