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Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heater

Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heater

1. The vacuum tube is made using hard borosilicate glass tube (diameter 58 mm; length 1800 mm), and is not prone to being damaged by 30 mm hailstone.
2. Operating pressure: no pressure (open type).
3. The vacuum tube solar water heater is welded by high efficiency rolling welding machine.
4. 55mm high dense polyurethane integral foam provides the vacuum tube solar water heater with good heat-preservation.
5. Outer tank material is stainless steel plate.
6. Inner tank material is SUS304 food grade stainless steel plate.
7. Its quality stainless steel provides the water heater with good corrosive resistance and wide applicable temperature range.

8. Reflection sheet is assembled from many stainless steel sheets, so it is easy to install and has good ventilation performance and can effectively prevent snow from collecting.
9. The vacuum tube solar water heater can be assembled with screws, which makes shipping and installation convenient and simple.
10. Support frame is made using stainless steel plate with thickness of 1.2mm.

Specifications of vacuum tube solar water heater, NT-58-W07

Model No. NT-58-W07
Inner tank SUS304-2B (δ=0.4), natural color
Shell of tank SUS202 (δ=0.4), natural color
End cap SUS202-2B(δ=0.4), Natural color
Bracket SUS202 (δ=1.2), natural color
Vacuum tube type φ58×1800, T super tube
Fivestar FS-III Colorful Screen Intelligent Controller Optional
Models available 26 tubes, 30 tubes, 36 tubes

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